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Benefits of Sharing Compensation Ranges with Recruiters

A successful pay transparency strategy requires the participation of the entire talent team, including recruiters who play a vital role in conveying fair and equitable job offers to candidates. Informing recruiters of their company’s job levels and structure, along with compensation ranges, empowers them to find the best talent, communicate growth potential, and share pay equity communications as part of the value of joining the organization. Communicating transparently about compensation plays an essential role in building trust with the prospective employee, setting the stage to create a healthy culture for the company

Consider that recruiting roles are very similar to sales roles within an organization. Recruiters are "selling" the position and company to candidates while assessing candidate fit to the organization and the job. Like any effective salesperson, a recruiter must be equipped with accurate insight, in this scenario, into job levels and criteria, career paths, and compensation ranges.

Sharing compensation ranges with recruiters is a sound strategic decision with benefits that support a thriving workforce beyond the initial hiring of a candidate.  

Structure for Recruiting

When talent acquisition teams have access to job levels and the established career path framework for the organization, they will hone their talent search and more easily find candidates that support the company’s business needs. Their search will be more accurate, which means better talent through the door. 

For recruiters to make intelligent business decisions for the organization, equip them with career path progressions and job leveling insights. Collaborating with hiring managers from the intake meeting and throughout the hiring process is an important component in the hiring process, providing recruiters insight into the specific “must-haves” that will help recruiters ask the right questions during candidate interviews. 

For example, companies that have needs for a specific, unique role (i.e., that require a distinctive skill-set) may require either an individual contributor specializing in that function (with 7-9 years of experience) or a senior manager (with 7+ years of experience and 3+years of management experience). The best way for a recruiter to know what to search for is to be informed by both the job level structure and the hiring manager's insight. 

Consistent Offers

If job offers are the launchpad for an employee’s successful career with the company, then compensation is the fuel. Equipping recruiters with salary ranges and guidelines for how to use them helps remove unconscious bias so that consistent, competitive offers that promote diversity, equity and inclusion, can be made. 

When recruiters understand the salary range guidelines, they’ll also be able to better explain the growth opportunities, which adds value to conversations with candidates. Employees want to join companies where they can learn and grow.

Final Thoughts

Empowering recruiters with the company’s compensation strategy is the best way to ensure job offers are consistent and equitable. Talent acquisition teams working collaboratively with hiring managers will result in data-driven job offers that better meet business needs. 

Having a set job level structure, plus guidelines for using compensation ranges, ultimately saves companies money by reducing potential future attrition because they can pay employees competitively and fairly from the start.

About Kamsa

Kamsa is a compensation data and management tool built by compensation experts to help companies make the right pay decisions. Our tool allows HR teams to work collaboratively to job level, establish career paths, and access market compensation data relevant to your company. With Kamsa, recruiters have real-time access to job structures, and the latest market-based salary ranges at their fingertips.

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