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Career Paths

Algorithms and machine learning job matches for you, instantly

Kamsa's Job List page displays all job levels and descriptions for each level, helping companies establish consistency in career paths for all employees.

Market Compensation

Compare your employee’s pay to the market and view compensation trends

Kamsa's Market Compensation is sourced reliably from over 200 global companies.

Compensation Review

Budget and model cash, equity and bonus compensation to prepare for routine reviews

Compensation Reviews are quick and easy in Kamsa, allowing you to invite your stakeholders to propose increases for employees.

Job Leveling

Establish job levels and create growth opportunities

Compensation Ranges

For remote or distributed workforce

Global Market Data

Reliable market compensation data


Market Data Cuts


Available Jobs


Companies Included


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Customer Success Stories

Thank you for putting together a compensation review that is super detailed, arming managers with lots of information and tools to make informed decisions. It has been the best compensation review that I've ever been a part of in the past five years!

Customer Success Stories

The CultivatePeople team has helped provide our employees clarity and understanding around our compensation philosophy, and validate that our employees are being paid fairly.

Customer Success Stories

I could not recommend Lola and the CultivatePeople team more highly. A number of my clients have hired CultivatePeople and are equally impressed with their work. They built out their global job leveling structures, collaborated with leaders across the organization to establish career paths, and delivered reliable salary + equity ranges.



Market Compensation
Career Paths

x Compensation Review

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Market Compensation
Career Paths
Compensation Review

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Kamsa's Story

Kamsa — pronounced “kahm-sah”—  means appreciation in Korean. Our company is built around this motto because companies deserve revolutionary technology to compensate their most valuable asset - their people.

We close the complex gaps of compensation so you can focus on running your business. Kamsa helps companies pay employees competitively against the market, seamlessly.

Lola Han, CEO and Founder of Kamsa and CultivatePeople.
Lola Han
CEO & Founder
CultivatePeople, Inc.

Our CEO & Founder Lola Han is a compensation thought leader in the technology community. She held Head of Compensation roles at companies like Zendesk and Lookout for over 10+ years and became frustrated with a lack of tools to address compensation effectively for organizations.

After endless hours wasted in lots of spreadsheets for something that could be done in just a few minutes, Lola knew she could modernize the HR world, and in 2019 she developed Kamsa to make compensation painless for organizations.

In her entrepreneurial endeavors, Lola founded CultivatePeople in 2017. Since then, she and her team have helped over 200 companies with their compensation needs. The CultivatePeople team are experts at eliminating pain points for managing employee compensation. Their clients have included Porsche Digital, Figma, MasterClass, Peloton, and many more.

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