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Fair compensation is good for business.

Let global market data and experienced compensation experts guide your biggest investment – your people

Data + Tools + Expertise

Make data-driven pay decisions. Our hybrid approach combines Kamsa's curated, real-time compensation data with our expert consultants to inform, support, and implement client compensation strategies and initiatives.

Proprietary data

Proprietary data

Collected from over 500+ companies, for more than 2,000+ jobs in 80+ global market data cuts. Seamlessly plan and manage job leveling and career paths.

Powerful tools

Powerful tools

Our AI-powered compensation platform allows you to compare your employee’s pay to the market, view compensation trends, budget instantly, and roll out salary and equity compensation reviews.

Strategic expertise

Strategic expertise

Partner with our compensation consultants, working as part of your team, to strategize your pay priorities

Delighting clients since 2017

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Simple Onboarding

Kamsa matches your roles to accurate market data through our robust, yet simple onboarding process:

Upload employees

1. Upload employee data

Match team

2. Develop career paths

Finalize philosophy

3. Define compensation philosophy

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4. Relax

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