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Kamsa Launches New Market-based Equity Modeling Feature

The new Equity Model streamlines how companies establish equity grant guidelines and budget shares, incorporating reliable market equity data while balancing dilution rate to thoughtfully issue equity.

Washington D.C. – September 5, 2023 – Kamsa, the leading provider of compensation software that provides proprietary global market compensation data and compensation review tool, today announced the release of Equity Model, a new product offering that makes it easy for companies to establish equity guidelines for employees based on market equity compensation data. Equity Model, combined with Kamsa’s job leveling, enables companies to budget and run their equity grant programs.

“The Equity Model is a game-changer for companies looking to leverage equity as part of their total rewards package to attract and retain employees, especially during times when cash is tight,” said Lola Han, CEO & Founder of Kamsa. “Equity Model allows companies to streamline calculating shares needed for the year, while ensuring their equity grant programs and guidelines are scalable and competitive to the market.” 

Equity Model incorporates Kamsa’s proprietary market equity data and leverages each company’s unique per share value (i.e., most recent 409A valuation). The feature uses various data points to create market competitive equity grant guidelines, including the company’s workforce distribution across different jobs (e.g., technical vs. non-technical), job levels, projected growth, and number of current employees eligible for refresh grants. 

“The Equity Model empowers companies to balance offering employees equity grants while being mindful of their dilution rate,” said Lola Han, CEO & Founder of Kamsa. 

Kamsa is designed to pull relevant employee equity data from other equity management systems to run equity reviews (i.e., refresh grant programs), and marry their offering with compensation experts who collaborate with People/HR and Finance teams to communicate equity grant programs to employees.

Watch below to learn more about Kamsa’s new Equity Model: 

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