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Kamsa Launches Career Paths Feature Supporting Workforce Planning and Employee Retention

Washington D.C., September 26, 2022 – Kamsa, a leading provider of global market compensation data, today announced the launch of Career Paths, a new feature allowing companies to conduct job leveling within the Kamsa platform. As a critical workforce planning exercise, job leveling supports employee retention by allowing managers to share growth opportunities with their team members. 

“Lack of growth opportunities is consistently and commonly one of the top three reasons employees leave an organization,” said Lola Han, CEO, and Founder of Kamsa. “Companies that create and communicate career paths reduce employee attrition and enhance employee engagement. Before we created Career Paths, performing job leveling traditionally required significant time, money, and manual effort.”

Job leveling is essential to setting the foundation for building compensation ranges and allows companies to define and articulate role expectations and requirements aligned to an organization’s business needs. Traditionally, this process is slow and cumbersome, often performed in spreadsheets, and typically requires companies to purchase and participate in expensive salary surveys. Lengthy survey participation requirements are then followed by manual efforts whereby HR team members and functional leaders spend many weeks (frequently, many months) matching company job titles to market titles.

Han continues, “In my experience helping over 500 global companies with their compensation needs, organizations find survey data and job level definitions to be stale and antiquated, and missing newer jobs in the market. Kamsa’s Career Paths eliminates these pain points for managers by facilitating collaboration between the People/HR function and managers while giving them a simple way to flesh out titles and career paths across the organization, all in one platform.” 

With Career Paths, organizations can establish titles they want to consistently use for each major job family and then assign employees’ jobs to a job level based on compensable factors (or job level criteria). Leaders can use established job levels and titles to flesh out career paths and assess employees’ pay against the market more accurately. Once complete, managers can share clear growth opportunities with their employees.

Having clear career paths and growth opportunities for every job family within an organization is essential to retaining employees, and links their career progression directly to supporting company growth. 

About Kamsa

Kamsa (Korean for "appreciation") uses machine learning to help organizations manage employee pay and establish equal pay for equal work. Kamsa provides real-time global market compensation data, allowing leaders to make data-driven pay decisions that show consistent compensation structures and ranges. With Kamsa, companies save time and money by budgeting for and conducting compensation reviews 5 times faster than traditional ways.

Kamsa addresses market needs by offering a hybrid approach – combining curated, real-time market compensation data with Kamsa’s expert consultants to partner with companies to inform, support, and implement their compensation strategies and initiatives.