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Kamsa Expands Platform to Serve Not-For-Profit

Washington D.C., September 19, 2022 – Kamsa, a leading provider of global market compensation data, today announced new capabilities and data sets within its platform, specifically for nonprofit organizations. Their new product solution and features allow not-for-profits to access validated market compensation data across 400+ organizations and over 400 jobs that support paying employees fairly and support recruiting qualified talent.

“Just like for-profit companies, not-for-profit organizations also struggle to recruit and retain good talent, especially in a time where it’s difficult to close qualified candidates,” said Lola Han, CEO and Founder of Kamsa. 

“Nonprofit organizations are more concerned than ever with attracting and retaining employees, specifically, sourcing qualified talent to help deliver their critical missions. Exacerbating the challenge is the absence of reliable market compensation data for the not-for-profit segment. Expanding Kamsa’s market compensation data and solutions to support not-for-profit organizations closes this gap.”

“What makes us unique is we pair our technology offering with consulting services from compensation experts, for a holistic approach,” said Robert Birdsong, Chief Marketing Officer at Kamsa. “We use an extensive data validation process to refresh Kamsa’s market compensation data, quarterly, to keep the data as real-time as possible, allowing nonprofits to make fair pay decisions while being fiscally responsible.”

“To pay fairly and competitively, not-for-profits should consider pay strategies that more closely mirror for-profit approaches, and offer the flexibility to address current market conditions but also serve the organization’s needs longer term,” said Han. “For example, potentially invest in hiring a more skilled Fundraising Manager at a higher salary who better meets the strategic needs of the organization versus two less experienced Fundraising Associates. Kamsa works with organizations to help determine, plan and budget for these decisions.”  

In addition to global market compensation data, Kamsa’s software supports nonprofits with job leveling and establishing career paths to further help retain employees by sharing growth opportunities. HR and people leaders can set compensation ranges, establish budgets, and run compensation reviews, all within the platform.

About Kamsa

Kamsa (Korean for "appreciation"), uses machine learning to help organizations manage employee pay and establish equal pay for equal work. Kamsa provides real-time global market compensation data, allowing leaders to make data-driven pay decisions that show consistent compensation structures and ranges. With Kamsa, companies save time and money by budgeting for and conducting compensation reviews 5 times faster than traditional ways.

Kamsa addresses market needs by offering a hybrid approach – combining curated, real-time market compensation data with Kamsa’s expert consultants to partner with companies to inform, support, and implement their compensation strategies and initiatives.

Learn more about how Kamsa supports not-for-profit organizations here.