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Alternative to Spreadsheets: Automate Compensation Reviews with Kamsa

Why are companies still conducting their compensation reviews in spreadsheets? The answer often lies in the need for flexibility and customization. Companies want the freedom to choose what information and data points to share with managers to help them make the best pay decisions. Managing this process manually, however, is time-consuming and prone to many errors.

Imagine conducting compensation reviews that allow for flexibility, while automating tasks that in the past slowed you down in spreadsheets. That's the vision behind Kamsa.

Lola Han, Founder & CEO of Kamsa, saw this need firsthand after a decade of managing compensation cycles for companies like Zendesk. Frustrated by the lack of tools to automate routine processes, she became the first to launch a comprehensive compensation solution, Kamsa, in 2020.

Kamsa offers a modern approach to compensation management, leveraging reliable market data across 60+ countries and 2,000+ jobs; it provides companies with the insights needed to make data-driven, fair pay decisions for both cash and equity compensation, all in one solution.  

Kamsa’s differentiation from compensation cycle solutions in the market:

  • Clean Employee Data: Our machine learning technology automates being able to maintain clean employee data, freeing up HR/People teams’ time for more strategic initiatives; This includes job leveling and survey job matching to more accurately calculate compa-ratios. No more time-consuming survey data submissions!

  • Budget Conscious: Make informed pay decisions with Kamsa's budgeting features. Model budget scenarios for salary increases based on performance ratings, employees' current pay position against market, and planned promotions. Ensure managers have enough to get employees paid fairly, while being fiscally responsible. 

  • Real-time Compensation Insights: Provide managers with reliable market data and trends that are real-time (and not lagging behind). Managers more efficiently make pay decisions with various data points in one place.

  • Automated Recommendations: Reduce decision fatigue with access to Kamsa's recommended salary increase guidelines. Kamsa’s Comp Review tool provides suggested salary increase guidelines based on market trends by country, compa-ratio, and performance rating.

  • Streamlined Approvals: Kamsa helps identify leaders who will make pay decisions and People teams can have a live view of pay decisions being made and budget usage so compensation reviews can be processed efficiently.

Schedule a demo of Kamsa to see how companies are automating compensation reviews and empowering managers to make data-driven pay decisions. 

About Kamsa

Kamsa is revolutionizing compensation cycles by providing real-time market data and insights to empower managers to make fair pay decisions, easily. Kamsa’s hybrid approach (technology + consulting) to compensation helps companies painlessly: define their compensation philosophy, conduct job leveling, establish compensation ranges, and assess their employees' pay against the market.

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