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HR Tech Stack Consolidation: Is it the Solution?

There’s been a recent trend toward techstack consolidation in the HR industry.

The HR tech space has recently seen HRIS platforms innovating and adding new features like a salary review tool to offer a ‘one-stop shop’ solution. Performance management platforms have become HRIS and HRIS tools have added compensation reviews. In the case of compensation management; however, those who have relied on an all-in-one Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) or Human Capital Management (HCM) platforms have found that they seldom meet expectations.

Consolidating all HR needs into one platform may result in a lack of efficiency and effectiveness, and ultimately missing the mark in meeting critical business needs. When deciding whether or not to go with a solution that does them all (versus separate expert vendors that integrate), consider the nuance of the business needs for your HR programs to ensure the HR tech solution will still meet at least the majority of those needs.

Limitations of Consolidating HR Tech

Users of such platforms end up experiencing a lack of flexibility and frustration at how unintuitive the tools are to use, and ultimately not meeting companies' needs. Often, consolidated tools are built by those with no compensation management experience. For example, many compensation tools were built by engineers who focus on adding a new feature as soon as possible without incorporating the understanding and all the pros and cons of different compensation-related approaches.

Benefits of a Compensation Solution

At Kamsa, our main goal is to make compensation processes as painless as possible for companies while holistically meeting their needs. We do this through not only our technology (i,.e., leverage machine learning to make job leveling and survey job matching much quicker) but also add a human touch (e.g., consulting services) to ensure not only quality and accuracy of data and solutions but, also be able to provide bespoke solutions for each of our customers’ unique workforce, jobs, and goals.

Having worked with over 500 companies gives us a unique ‘bird eye’ view of the pros and cons of practices and trends that we and our clients have learned from. We factor in trends and insights into our product and service offerings to allow for more efficient and effective compensation strategies and programs, that ultimately result in a more cost-effective solution than other HRIS or HRMS solutions.

Kamsa helps companies more effectively than generalist HR tech solutions with their compensation programs by offering:

  1. Expertise: Direct access to a team of compensation experts who understand the intricacies of compensation across various industries and provide bespoke guidance.

  2. Customization: Our best-in-breed compensation solution allows for flexibility and can be customized to meet your organization's unique workforce and goals.

  3. Increased Productivity: Streamline routine compensation processes, saving several months of various team members’ time. Our intuitive tools as well as HRIS integration capability, empower your leaders to gain compensation insights and make data-driven pay decisions efficiently and accurately.

Kamsa is an extension of your team to provide compensation expertise and enhance your compensation programs. Investing in a point solution like Kamsa saves companies significant time and money, and the productivity gains are a bonus. There’s been a recent trend toward techstack consolidation in the HR industry.

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