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Employee & Workforce Analytics

Manage employee data & evaluate pay equity

Define your compensation philosophy within Kamsa and incorporate it with employee data to see how employee pay compares to the market.

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Evaluate compa-ratio calculations for base salary & total cash based on your compensation philosophy

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Our compensation experts support define your compensation philosophy by job family

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Customize the market percentiles to align with your business needs as you workforce plan

Kamsa's Approach


Reliable market data

  • Establish compensation budgets

  • Real-time market data updated quarterly

  • Make thoughtful hiring & pay decisions


Compensation experts

  • Job leveling during implementation

  • Advice designing compensation programs

  • Stay on top of compensation trends


Business alignment

  • Customize to business needs

  • Define your compensation philosophy

  • Global-friendly compensation reviews

Career Paths & Job Leveling

Work with compensation experts to match your employees to our proprietary market compensation data.

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Create career paths for current and future employees

Import open jobs to determine the new hire budget as you scale and grow

Determine your Market Data Cut Approach and how you'd like to compare your employees to the market

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Simple Onboarding

Kamsa matches your roles to accurate market data through our robust, yet simple onboarding process:

Upload employees

1. Upload employee data

Match team

2. Develop career paths

Finalize philosophy

3. Define compensation philosophy

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