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Cultivate Your People: Unlock Data-Driven Pay Decisions

People and HR teams frequently have to help managers make ad hoc compensation decisions, so making accurate compensation decisions (sometimes even as a ‘fire drill’) is crucial. Whether an executive is asking for help with a new compensation package for a promotion or due to a relocation of an employee, having a tool at your fingertips to make pay decisions for different scenarios swiftly can make all the difference.

Kamsa's Cultivate Your People (CYP) tool helps companies evaluate various employee compensation scenarios quickly. This tool becomes invaluable, especially in between regular annual or semi-annual compensation reviews.

What’s an Ideal Tool for Pay Decisions?

Let's delve into a couple of scenarios to understand the power of Kamsa’s CYP tool:

  1. Promotion scenario: An employee is being promoted from Senior Software Engineer to Manager, Software Engineering and now they will have employees reporting to them. 
  2. Relocation scenario: An Account Executive currently based in the U.S. will relocate to the UK to expand their European presence.

Kamsa’s CYP tool streamlines pay decisions for these scenarios - it leverages Kamsa’s proprietary market compensation data and automates the calculations of compa-ratios in each situation.

By leveraging machine learning and algorithms to accurately match employees' jobs to survey jobs, companies can quickly assess how their employees' salaries align with the market. This automated approach revolutionizes pay decisions, ensuring fairness, consistency, and competitiveness.

Why Choose Kamsa?

  • Efficient Compensation Cycles: Save time and resources. Streamline how you assess employees’ compensation.
  • Accurate Compensation Data: Leverage Kamsa’s reliable market compensation data for market comparisons. Ask us how our data is more accurate and differentiates from others!
  • Pay Insights: Gain valuable compensation-related insights for data-driven decision-making.

Contact us to learn more about how other People and HR teams are using Kamsa's Cultivate Your People tool to take your compensation program to the next level! 

About Kamsa

Kamsa was created by compensation experts to make compensation easy. Our platform empowers organizations to manage employee compensation and pay decisions efficiently. Our expert guidance ensures you stay on top of market trends and practices that align with your business goals.

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