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Add your employee census data, match your employees to market compensation data, and establish compensation philosophies.

Welcome to Kamsa!  In this onboarding video we will review Company ProfileEmployee Data Upload, and Job Matching.

0:08 We begin by creating your Company Profile. You can skip this section by clicking “Skip” at any time, but we recommend completing this section now for optimal results. 
0:20 For accurate market pricing, Kamsa asks for your company’s general information including an estimated revenue target, projected headcounts, invested capital amount, funding series stage, and performance review ratings

0:40 If your company offers equity to your employees, you can add details in the Equity section. Toggle this section to turn it off or on, depending on your company’s offering.

0:49 Enter details like number of total shares outstanding, the US dollar price of the current 409A valuation, preferred shares price, and per share value. Also, enter the Vesting Schedule for new hire and refresh grants. 

1:06 Options for most common schedules are included, but you can add your custom vesting schedule by clicking “Other.” This information is used to establish equity ranges and estimated budgets.

1:19 Next, is Compensation Philosophy
Philosophies for base salary and equity for technical and non-technical positions can often vary. If you’re unsure of what your company’s compensation philosophy is, the options selected by default are our recommendations based on the market today, of course, you can make any changes as needed. 
To further customize these values by job family, you can do so when editing your company profile.

1:42 Kamsa uses algorithms and machine learning to match your employees to market compensation survey data.

1:50 Job Matching is based on various data points like the employee’s department, job title, and geographic region.

1:58 You can upload your employee data using a census file template, available for download in CSV or Excel format. Upload via XLS file
Soon you’ll be able to upload your employee data directly from an HRIS system like BambooHR.  

2:21 Kamsa asks for your confirmation on specific jobs left unmatched. Let’s look at details by clicking Employee, 
Information like department, salary and specifics of who they report to are shown. Looks like this employee is an Individual Contributor because they have no direct reports, and their manager is the Head of Software Engineering. 

2:43 Job level descriptions include scope and typical years of work experience required for each job level.. IC4 Advanced/Lead - In this case, we’re sure IC4 is the appropriate level for this job title, and this employee is a Senior Software Engineer. 

3:00 Next, Kamsa shows you jobs it was unable to match. Usually, these are jobs with unique job titles. Manually match the jobs Kamsa was not able to and click continue to complete the Kamsa onboarding. 

3:24 From here, you can navigate to the Dashboard or Employee Data Management to review and confirm the Kamsa job matches.