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Employee Data

See all employee data including compa-ratio, salary and Kamsa Market Match.

Let's dive into employee data management, or you might hear your Kamsa consultant call it EDM for short.

0:06 In this video we'll review how to filter your view, change employee data, add new employees, and how to see an audit trail for changes made.

0:14 Let's say i'm meeting with the Head of Marketing and we'd like to look at employee data without seeing sensitive information.


0:21 First, let's filter the employees shown on the screen by clicking on filters. In this example, we'd like to see our company's Marketing Department and we only want to see employees who are matched to the individual contributor level.

0:34 In the column field, select or type Company Department, and for value, let's enter Marketing. Since we only want to see individual contributors, click on the plus sign to add another filter.
Let's select job level as the column and let's filter values that start with IC.

When we click save Kamsa will display only employees who are in our company's marketing department, who are matched to individual contributor levels.

0:59 To remove a filter, click the X on the blue tag. The filter will disappear and the employee information will refresh. If you want to rearrange the columns shown, click settings, and choose which column you'd like to display. Some columns are hidden by default and you can edit the display by clicking on Show All Columns, or click on the eye to hide or show any given column.

To edit the column sort order click and drag the desired column. To exit the settings slide out, either click on the x on the top right or click anywhere on the page. And here's a pro tip: whenever there's a slide out in Kamsa, clicking anywhere on the page will always hide it.


1:40 To export click on export on the right and select your desired format. The export will include only the employees that fit the filters in your EDM view, and it will include all the columns available in settings.

1:54 On the bottom left you can see Kamsa displaying 10 rows per page and it's showing 10 out of 16 employees that fit the filters. Click on the rows per page drop down and select how many rows you'd like to display. Scroll to the right or click on the column categories below the filters to jump to specific information.


2:15 Now let's change employee data. There are two ways to edit employee information. You can either edit them one by one, or we can upload a census file.

Let's say our entire marketing team is going fully remote and we'd like to change their location and market data cut.

2:32 Click edit, and make changes to the desired field. When changes to geographic location are made (in this example we're changing their location to remote), the market data cut will recalculate to match the new location and remote employees are automatically matched to the US national average data cut. You'll notice the market data cut has updated to US (All).

When an employee's market data cut is changed, the market midpoint for their matched job will update and Kamsa will also recalculate their compa-ratio.

3:04 To undo, click undo.


To make many changes at once or to add multiple employees, upload a census file.

3:11 The upload employees button has options to add a single employee, import a census file, or import from BambooHR. In this example, let's upload a census file that has updated information for existing employees and you can also include information for new employees.

3:28 The upload census file pop-up has a template available for download. Use a most up-to-date EDM export to fill out information in the census file template. Copy and paste the information from the prior EDM export, filling in all required columns and available data, then incorporate the new employee information.

For example, here we've filled in all the required columns and now we only want to change the employee's geographic locations to remote. When uploading a census file with existing employees it's important to make sure the employee IDs match what's in Kamsa.

4:04 If Kamsa registers a new employee ID, it will create a new employee. So when you upload a new census data from the Upload Employees button, make sure the employee IDs for existing employees are correct and new employees have unique employee IDs.

To add a single employee, click add employee and enter employee data. When you're finished, click Add & Close.


4:21 To see an audit trail for all changes in employee data, access the activity log by clicking on the activity indicator on the top right. The complete changes will be listed and by whom the changes were made, either manually or via a census upload.

For any questions about your employee data, contact your Kamsa consultant.